The Lifespan of an Award Winner, 2015

This data visualisation print explores the last 10 years of prize winners of the Absa (Barclays) L’Atelier Awards (a prestigious South African art prize), and the main (L’Atelier) and secondary (Gerard Sekoto) prizes, respectively. Each concentric circle represents an individual and the milestones they have reached in their journey in becoming an artist, winning the prize, and beyond. Other signifiers of colour, texture, size, and time codes represent characteristics of the winner, such as their gender, race, gallery representation, and level of confidence in talking about their work and their careers. This data was collected through extensive interviews with these artists.This work continues my exploration of archiving and collecting groups of people with a shared, yet random, attribute – in this case artists, and forms a part of A Portrait of The Artist series. Through this process, I am interested in identifying collective experience and communal identity.
Detail 1

Detail 2