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A Portrait of The Artist, Degrees of Separation, 2014 (2)
My work explores the notion of archiving and collecting through photography and other digital media. Through a continuous process of gathering groups of people (gingers previously, now artists), I am interested in identifying collective experience, communal identity, nationhood and the inherent ‘otherness’ that exists within these. In this way, I begin analysing (often, pseudo-scientifically) the likenesses and differences amongst self-identified groups.

My latest series, A Portrait of the Artist, has so far manifested through two group exhibitions in 2014 – Fresh Produce at Turbine Art Fair, July 2014, and Degrees of Separation at the Absa Gallery, September 2014. These collections represent the artists with whom I exhibited on two group exhibitions. Each artist was ‘catalogued’ (photographed, interviewed and the data then quantified). In analysing the data that emerges from these groups of people, I create statistics, data visualisations and infographics which become in-situ, multimedia art installations. The exploration between the quantitative and qualitative, the categorical and personal, the binary and insight all encourage the viewer to engage with the often-anonymous makers of the artwork on the walls of the exhibition.

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A Portrait of The Artist, Fresh Produce, 2014 (1)


Wall Installation as part of Fresh Produce exhibition at Turbine Art Fair 2014, Turbine Hall

026 Portia

002 Yael
Individual artist portraits with unique statistical signature
Scatter plot_FINAL_MR
A Portrait of The Artist, Degrees of Separation, 2014 (1)


Wall and Sound Installation as part of Degrees of Separation exhibition at Absa Gallery 2014

Info sheet1-2

Info sheet1-1
Process booklet from A Portrait of The Artist, Degrees of Separation, 2014 (1)

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